Music Production Coach

If you’re recording and producing an album (probably your own) and you can you see the end in sight but you’re not confident about the shine, the polish, the things you may have missed because your ears and skills are still developing…I’m talking to you.

I’m Ed and I have a very special skill. It’s rare. I’ve honed it for decades.
My superpower is listening clearly and responding clearly.
I hear what the artist says they’re aiming to do and I help them do it.

You Want to Do It Yourself

But you wish you knew you were doing it right

You’re about 90% complete at the Mix Stage. But looking down the road at the Mastering Stage gets your knees shaking…and not in a good way. You want to carry the project over the finish line and Master it by yourself, too. What better way to learn? Learning is important to you.

But those knees are quaking.

Here's where I come in.

Someone to Trust

You want a Mixing Coach to help you get to 100% final mixes: shine, polish, all those things you may have missed.

You want a Mastering Coach to help you keep cohesion for the whole project, beginning to end, without over-cooking it. (Or under-cooking it.)

You need someone to trust. Someone to really tell you where the work’s weak, and why. Someone who can explain clearly how to correct it, and who also understands your goal to make folks FEEL something when listening. It isn't about “perfect” sound for you. It is about perfect EMOTION coming through.

I Don’t Work With Everyone

I have a high bar and your work needs to be at a certain level. I need to know that you know what you’re doing. My feedback is clear but is not entry-level. I’m not here to teach you how to EQ a kick drum.

I’m here to make sure your work sounds like your work and to make sure you don’t go over a cliff while you juggle everything.
I’m here to shepherd you through the dark art of Mastering, making sure you understand what you’re doing.
I’m here to make sure your work sounds as great as it can on every system - earbuds, cars, and even expensive hi-fi speakers.
I’m here to help you do it yourself and come out on the other side with the confidence that next time…you won’t need me.


For Every Step Of The Way


Ready to record? Not so fast. Structure is meaning. It will make (or break) your song. I'll help you find the perfect expression of your ideas.


You do this yourself but "just one more tweak" can shelve a song for years (sometimes forever). I'm here to help you stay focused, keep your work clean...and mud-free.


Ready to release? I'll guide you through the mastering process. You learn how to make it sound great on everything from an old laptop to a new hi-fi. If you like, I'll do the mastering for you...and let you watch. The goal: you learn as you do.


always live and in person


Up to 3 songs

  • Mix Feedback (Unlimited)
  • Arrangement Help (Unlimited)
  • Release Walk Through
  • Master Walk Through
  • Custom Master
  • Complete Formatting for Streaming
  • Complete Formatting for CD


Getting Better

EP plan (4 - 6 songs)

  • Mix Feedback (Unlimited)
  • Arrangement Help (Unlimited)
  • Release Walk Through
  • Custom Master
  • Complete Formatting for Streaming
  • Complete Formatting for CD



From Happy Customers

Ed mixed and mastered a live show we did at Daryl's House. He was very thorough in his work and even repaired some damaged audio files. Along the way he checked with us frequently to make sure he got us a live sound that would fit our outfit. The product: a well balanced, rockin' album. By using online file sharing and social media the process was streamlined. Would absolutely recommend - a nice, passionate and professional sound engineer!

Fresh PaintBlues-Based Psychodelic Rock

Working with Ed is pure collaboration. A talented musician in his own right, he has a masterful ear, insightful patience and a keen ability to focus on the details.

Cafe Antarsia EnsembleWorld Folk meets Delta Slide

Not only does Ed listen to the music, he listens to the musicians and uses his technical skills to dial in the exact sounds you want. From recording to engineering to mixing and mastering, he takes away the anxiety and brings in the know-how and artistry to make your project a success.

Cue GerhardsFunk. Swing, R&B and Jazz

He provided specific feedback, really helped me narrow down some solutions, and make a plan going forward with my current project. Now, I can move on without second guessing myself - that's where I typically waste a lot of time.

RandallHome Studio Musician

Stellar mix coaching. I needed to hear from someone who’s not trying to make me happy, has an ear for mixing and kindness to offer constructive feedback. Ed has exceeded expectations and I am ever so grateful.

OlivierHome Studio Musician

I felt a genuineness from him when it came to advice and critique. It is refreshing to speak to someone that understands so well the different aspects of art-making.

NinaHome Studio Musician

Ed understood very well what my current project is about and what it needs when it comes to production and mixing. He speaks with experience and honesty; all at the service of great art.

CharlesHome Studio Musician

Yeah, but…


Ed Elefterion

Helping you produce and release your best work.

Ed Elefterion

Helping you produce and release your best work.

Ed comes to the music world from a lifetime in the theater. As the founder and Artistic Director of Rabbit Hole Ensemble, he’s won numerous awards and earned a reputation as a master director. As a university professor of 20 years, he’s earned a reputation of master teacher. And it’s this combined experience that gives him his Superpower: listening clearly and responding clearly. He can understand what an artist is aiming for and can help them succeed - without imposing his own artistic impulses. He enables artists by helping them identify obstacles and providing tactics to overcome them. He encourages their strengths and minimizes weaknesses to the point of turning them from liabilities to assets. He’s laser-focused and willing to go the extra mile for someone who’s willing to dig deep. He’s working on several albums of his own - under the pseudonym “Ed Charles” (it’s easier to remember and spell…and say). He’s a lot more approachable than you might think and will have you laughing in the first couple of minutes. And…the really valuable thing he brings: whether you agree with him or not…he’s telling you what he really thinks. And why.

Unlimited Mix Feedback?

A fundamental need.

Unlimited Mix Feedback?

A fundamental need.

I don’t just give you some suggestions and send you on your way (unless that’s what you want). You get as much feedback as you like until you’re happy. You invest in me, I invest in you. 100%.

Unlimited Arrangement Help?

keep it fresh.

Unlimited Arrangement Help?

keep it fresh.

You want a full, fresh, interesting mix. Every time. Even if it’s a ballad with only two instruments: Everything needs space. I help you do whatever it takes to find what’s right for the song. And I help you get it up to industry, release-ready standards.

How long have you been doing it alone?

And you still lack confidence.

How long have you been doing it alone?

And you still lack confidence.

Working alone all the time. What happens? You lose perspective, make poor choices, agonize over details no one notices, and end up never releasing anything. I understand where you're coming from because I've been there. I know how important confidence is and I know how to build it.

Confidence is 80% of Excellence

All that work you've done - writing, performing, mixing, mastering - and you're still not sure about it? It's doing more damage than taking up space on your computer: it's messing with your mind. When we work together: I've got your back. I'll help you do your best work and release it right. What I won't do? Let you release something that isn't up to par. I'm here to make you look great. And I simply will not let you look anything less than great. And what's even better than that? After working with me won't need to work with me again. (You might want to, but you won't need to.)

24 hour Reply

If you’re interested in working together, email me. Tell me about your project. Namely, your timeline. Send me something to listen to, something you’re proud of that shows off your skills.
I’ll get back to you in less than 24 hours…and no, not an automated email.

I have no “content” to “scale.”
I don’t intend to shoot a video series or start a youtube channel.
I’ve nothing to sell but myself and what I bring to the table.

I work in the woodshed with artists, not at the counter of the gift shop.
Talent and skill are more important to me than "growing a business."

Remember: I don’t work with just anyone. A dozen is a full year for me.
But I take my work seriously and personally. And you….you are my work.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you're not happy, neither am I.

If I don't deliver, you get your money back. It's that simple.

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